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Revolutionize your decision-making process
with cutting-edge analytics.

Tessellate Imaging can help you get a comprehensive analysis of your satellite imagery for reliable insights. Our customized solutions can deliver robust reports to aid in decision-making and pre-process the images for your geospatial experts.


Cloud Cover Detection

Efficient neural networks can help you detect clouds which can be ignored or removed from satellite imagery. This is an essential part of data pre-processing, to save manual effort and storage by automatically eliminating cloudy satellite imagery.

Analyse Land Use Pattern

Perform a qualitative and quantitative analysis of cultivation area, forest reserves, water bodies, road networks, habitation and any other feature that might be important to you. With the help of historical data, you can easily obtain a temporal analysis of land use.


Understanding Objects
in the Image

Automate satellite image classification and analyse millions of individual scenes. Assistive annotation identifies cars, trees, buildings, tracks, crops, and various other objects in the image to help you with urban-rural segmentation, vegetation analysis, or parking lot inspection.

Water Detection and Segmentation

Controlling changes to rivers and other water bodies is necessary for ecological economics of a region. Monitoring such changes provides crucial information for the decision-making process. Our solutions provide a novel approach to monitor receding water boundaries and coastline changes.