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Extract more insights about your customers through
implicit behavior analysis.

Tessellate Imaging can help you level up your marketing efforts with the help of artificial intelligence, image analysis, and deep learning. Our solutions will help you develop a better and more personal understanding of your customers and their problems.

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Understand your customers’ perspective

Gaze analysis can help you understand what your customer pays attention to in your retail environment or on the web.
Coupled with emotion analysis you can derive insights about your customers and their choices like never before.
Age & gender estimation allows you to segment your customers and pool their insights intelligently.

Smarter tracking for comprehensive insights

Track your customers across the retail floor or on your website.
Comprehensive tracking allows you to understand the customer’s journey, noting bottlenecks in the conversion pathways.
Create customer profiles according to their journey to target them with personalized and relevant ads later.

Intelligent video analytics and tagging

Our solutions can help you identify persons of interest and trigger event-based notifications.
Perform smarter and effective searches in your stored surveillance footage for facial matches, profile matches, and more.
We provide end-to-end solutions which easily integrate into your current surveillance ecosystem and improve it immensely.