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Increase employee productivity while promoting workplace safety

Tessellate Imaging develops workforce management and monitoring solutions utilizing artificial intelligence, image analysis, and deep learning. These solutions can help you create a safer environment for your workers and save costs on HR administration.


Automate compliance monitoring

Step-by-step process as well as resources to help you maintain or improve your compliance standard.
Real-time status reports with graphics that give you a quick-view of your current program. Non-intrusive monitoring of your employees participating in your safety program.
Ability to conduct quick test and samples by auditors and inspectors by department, division, or region and fulfill internal and external auditing requirements.

Implement advanced attendance monitoring systems

Determine true cost of labor by department, team or product line.
Create complex shift schedules by availability or skillset.
Accurately capture real-time employee time & attendance.

Easily manage critical infrastructure monitoring

Our solutions can help you spot problems with infrastructure that humans might miss.
Drive down monitoring costs with the help of alternative technology such as drones while at the same time increasing monitoring frequency.
Detect aberrations, variances, and issues, and log it safely for easy data retrieval to check progress.