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Deep Learning Bootcamp at NMIT, Bangalore and Online Deep Learning Course

Deep Learning Bootcamp at NMIT, Bangalore and Online Deep Learning Course

We recently ended the 5-day Deep Learning Bootcamp at NMIT, Bangalore to great success. Over 80 students from the institute participated in the boot camp with enthusiasm, eager to learn and implement the principles of deep neural networks.  

The main objective of the boot camp was to cultivate an interest in deep learning, AI, and computer vision. We wanted to give the participants a firm knowledge base that will enable them to start working on deep learning projects on their own.

This would also allow them to consciously map their own learning path should they decide to pursue the field of computer vision and neural networks in the near future.

Deep Learning Bootcamp brochure

Tessellate Imaging’s Abhishek and Akash provided all the training instructions during the boot camp. They used their knowledge and background to create a learning experience that would be comprehensive but still not be off-putting for those who’re just starting with machine learning.

After presenting an overview and learning goals to the participants on the first day, the rest of the week was spent on preparing them for a hands-on project with practical, real-world application.

The topics covered during the workshop were:

  • Introduction to computer vision
  • Practical implementation of key image processing algorithms
  • Transitioning from traditional algorithm development to machine learning workflows
  • Practical implementation of machine learning algorithms
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence and neural networks
  • Introduction to deep learning algorithms and applications
  • Developing computer vision applications using deep learning algorithms

We believe every participant now has a better understanding of the popular deep learning algorithms and their applications. We had fun interacting with all the talented participants who made the boot camp a success.

We’re thankful to PTC and DCS who acted as the technology partner and systems integrator. 

Deep Learning Course on Udemy

We’re also excited to announce a new deep learning course that we’ve created to help anyone who’d like to add deep learning to their skill set and take advantage of the various opportunities that this field is offering. 

This course is perfect for industry and technology experts, who have to develop production-grade services and modules and bring automation to real-world scenarios. If you’re a data scientist who wants to learn how to effectively apply deep learning using Caffe2 to build real-world applications, this is the course you need.

You can access the course here: 

With the help of this course, you’ll be able to learn deep learning implementation with the help of Caffe2 library. The topics that we’ve covered in the course are:

  • Caffe2 architecture and how to use the platform efficiently
  • Setting up Caffe2 on your system
  • Working with a Simple Neural Network application
  • Implementing Back-Propagation and Gradient Descent
  • Exploring different layers of CNN and the problem of Image Classification
  • Understanding RNNs and LSTMs
  • Diving into the different layers of Caffe2
  • Experimenting with activation functions using caffe2
  • Understanding the importance of weight initialization and optimization in deep learning

You’ll be introduced to the foundations of deep learning. Then we’ll show you how to train and manipulate a deep neural network step-by-step. 

What problems are you trying to solve with machine learning? What are you interested in learning more about deep learning? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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